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Raising a child is something everyone has an opinion on. Everyone has a view about what good parents are, do, and should be. It figures that just as there are a number of myths about different types of child raising, there are also a number of myths about the use [...]

Giving up dummies is a topic about which countless picture books have already been made - so why make another one? Firstly, there can never be too many good books on a topic! Secondly, all children are different, and that’s why it’s important that there are plenty of [...]

The other day, my darling Magne felt like building a train track 5 minutes before “coats-and-hats-on-and-out-of the-door-NOW”! He’s also at that age where he hates having to wear his snowsuit when it’s cold. In a split second, there was the prospect that all the morning fun would be replaced [...]

You have undoubtedly already heard about pictograms and how they are used in connection with children who have a diagnosis ‒ that they provide recognition and reassurance in the child’s everyday life, facilitating daily routines as the child knows what they should and shouldn’t do based on the pictures. [...]

A new board game that stimulates conversation about all the feelings we experience in everyday life – for children from 3 years Why is it so important to talk to children about feelings? Why did we create this game? What can the game do that ordinary conversation can’t? What is All [...]

4 ways to setup pictograms

Many of you have written in to ask: “Are the cards magnetic?” “How do I set them up?” Here’s an answer and some inspiration for how you can set up pictograms in your home. No! The cards are not magnetic. And why not?  Because if they were, we would [...]

Conflicts around mealtime

"Dinner’s ready, girls" is a phrase I tend to associate with a little nervousness. I never quite know what reaction will be. Some days my two and four year-old daughters come running happily, sit down at the table, and eat with the utmost pleasure. Other days, my eldest gladly [...]

We often find ourselves responding to our children with: "You can play for a little while", "Give me 5 minutes" or "Not until this evening." But we forget that kids don’t always understand these terms, leaving us with an angry or crying 2-year-old in the hallway. Without any tools to [...]

Is your family always late to get out of the door because the kids just need to do something? Or perhaps time just always slips away because the kids don’t have a sense of time? I’m sure I speak on behalf of all parents when I say that [...]

Everyone’s talking about it. All daycare centres do it. Everyone knows how good it is for the kids. Even my visiting nurse for 8 month old Hugo has talked about it. Have you guessed what it is yet? ✨ Dialogic reading!✨ It actually took some time before I fully understood what [...]