The Ling-6 sound package

DKK 395.00

The Ling-6 sounds are presented to the child, preferably on a day-to-day basis as a part of the child’s morning routine. This is to ensure, that the hearing device is in perfect working order and receptive to speech sounds. The Ling-6 sounds are the particular sounds that occur at particular speech frequencies.


Our Ling-6 sound package contains everything you nedd for performing the daily sound test.

The package includes instructions for how to perform the test correctly and how to generate progress over time.

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The Ling-6 sound package for motivation and soundtest

The elements in our Ling-6 sound package are benfitial for testing your child’s hearing device.

It is a good idea to reward the child throughout the sound test by giving them a small toy or something else specific. The very small child will not yet have much hearing experience and will find it easier to learn the Ling-6 sounds through play. Out sound test package contains specific toys to make the daily sound test both fun and educational.

The package features a comprehensive and well-written guide, a large AVT-bag and 6 selected toys, each representing one of the Ling-6 sounds:

plain = a/ah
owl = u/oo
ball = i/ee
icecream – m
snake = s
teddybear in bed = sh

Please note, that the toys may vary in color