At Ciha we believe

Children need less noise and more educational play. Welcome to CIHA

It’s true what they say. Talking makes your child smarter.

Through experience, we know this with certainty at CIHA. Through Alberte and Ella, our two hearing-impaired girls, we know that language doesn’t come by itself. And we know that children can develop much faster when adults play with them. Our two deaf girls now speak at the same level as their peers – because we gave them the language to be able to do so.

Before we became parents, we imagined singing our newborn babies to sleep. We thought we were going to be completely ordinary parents. But that’s not how things turned out. We had two deaf children and an incredibly important challenge lay ahead of us. This challenge was to give our girls language and courage in life. But that challenge became a gift in our family when we discovered how important our role was in our children’s development and their ability to achieve what they want in life. We found out that children can do much more than we think they can.

Play took on a whole new meaning in our everyday life. 

Because children play. And children love to learn.  Toys became a necessary tool and method for motivation in the language training of our girls.

However, we needed a place to seek inspiration. A place that challenges the way you play so that it actually makes a difference to children’s development. This became the driving force behind CIHA; a language and play universe that could inspire others, based on everything that we have experienced and learned about children, language, and play over the years. A place where children get the tools to reach their full potential while they play.

We believe that:

  • A good level of language and meaningful play provides the best conditions for success later in life
  • Children can play their way to a better school experience and future
  • Children can achieve their full potential through play

We are not professionals, we are parents. That’s why we have taken the best from language training and put together inspiring guides for play and for our products that have a language-stimulating effect.

We would like to pass on our experience through CIHA. We want to inspire people to play in new, creative ways that support children’s development.

CIHA isn’t just toys

We give all children and adults the opportunity to experience how important it is to be aware of language and play in an educational way. We know for sure that this gives children a good foundation to learn and achieve their full potential in life.

At CIHA, you get:

  • Insight into our unique experience with language training
  • The best tools for motivating and inspiring games
  • Meaningful toys with great learning potential


Meet Rikke

Rikke Amdisen is the woman behind CIHA. She is training to become a speech therapist and has a lot of practical experience with language stimulation. Though this was the most challenging thing about becoming a parent, it also became of great interest to Rikke. She constantly immersed herself in new ways in which to strengthen the girls’ language, new ways to play, and creative ways in which to use toys. Today, in studying to become a speech therapist, Rikke has a unique insight into how family life can suddenly change when your days are filled with AVT and language training.

CIHA is the Amdisen family’s language and play universe, where Rikke shares her knowledge and practical experience as a mother to two deaf girls. Rikke was responsible for the language training of Alberte and Ella when their grasp on language was not yet developed. Now, 4.5 years later, small language activities are still woven into the day, so their development and the games never stop. Through CIHA, Rikke shares inspiration on how to play in new, educational ways with children, in order to maximise learning potential

  • CIHA stands for Cochlear Implant Hearing aids
  • AVT stands for Auditory-Verbal Therapy, which was originally a method in the English-speaking world. It is an effective form of language training that is used in cases of hearing loss.