Ding-Dong! Is anybody home?

The doorbell house is recommended for children from 3-5 years of age. But I find it just as relevant for even younger children, of course under the guidance of a grown up. Actually, I fell in love with this house when our audiologist presented it to us, right after Albertes CI-surgery, which she had 23 […]

Welcome to Holland

Have You ever read the poem “Welcome to Holland”? I get so very moved, every time I read it. It is nearly impossible for Your family and friends to comprehend the feelings and sence of grief, that comes with having a handicapped child. Emily Perl Kingsley descibes it perfectly in her story below:   When […]

Why is hearing and acoustics given low priority?

When we learned that both our girls had hearing impairments, we had to adapt our surroundings to achieve the best possible acoustics and listening environment. Anyone wearing Cochlear Implants will always have to face challenges with auditory input and identifying one sound from another. We had to minimise any kind of distracting noise (where we […]

Ling-6 sound test – what, why and how?

The Ling-6 sound test is for children wearing Cochlear Implants (CI) or Bone Anchored Hearing Systems (Bahs) The Ling-6 sound test was one of the very first methods, we encountered in our Auditory Verbal Therapy with our girls. We have followed the strategies for almost 2 years now – it has been very intense, stressful […]

How much can she hear?

I have been asked that question countless times. Over time, I have developed my own set of standard answers, depending on the questioner. In the beginning, it was a painfull question to answer. Maybe because I, myself had so many insecurities as to how much she could actually hear? Maybe at the time, I had […]

How to choose the best toys for language training and development

With great aniticipation, we wait for the magical moment, when a child speaks their very first word. We have had many magical moments, discovering our children’s first imitations, the first babbles, the first words and the first real sentences with 2 or 3 words. For some children, it is easy to learn the spoken word. […]

Middle ear infection – 8 true or false facts

At a certain time of year, it almost seems as if every child has a middle ear infection and the otologist is fully booked – “damn it”, you think to yourself… You probably already know the signs: The child has difficulty sleeping and wakes up several times during the night You get up at least […]

8 ways to develop language skills through play

Language development and play go hand in hand Play time is often considered a mere diversion for children and is highly underestimated. However, it turns out that play is essential for the child’s general development and language skills. It is actually considered so important, that it is substantiated in the UN Convention on the Rights […]

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Learning language through play

Learning good language skills early in life helps develop the child’s sence of community and ability to form friendships later in life. 👫 Although research studies focus more and more on language training being teachers’ responsibility in kindergarden and pre-school, we believe that parents can do so much more Language is everything in communication Most […]

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”Damn it!” – about incidental and distance hearing

Three and a half year old Alberte had a fall outside and immediately burst out: “Damn it – that hurt”! Well, excuse me – what was THAT? We never use swear words at home. I asked her if she was okay and told her, that she should not say such things and rather use the […]