Welcome to the blog! ❤ This is where I write about everyday life with our two beautiful girls, who have both had Cochlear Implant surgery, as well as their little brother Hugo who is not hearing-impaired. You will also find deeper information about our products




Alberte and Ella

familien Amdisen

On the first of September, 2014, we met Alberte for the first time. Three days later, we proudly showed up to the hospital for the mandatory hearing screening. And Alberte did not pass the test. In other words, she didn’t hear like other children. In the days that followed, a [...]

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Three and a half year old Alberte had a fall outside and immediately burst out: "Damn it - that hurt"! Well, excuse me - what was THAT? We never use swear words at home. I asked her if she was okay and told her, that she should not say such [...]

Have You ever read the poem "Welcome to Holland"? I get so very moved, every time I read it. It is nearly impossible for Your family and friends to comprehend the feelings and sence of grief, that comes with having a handicapped child. Emily Perl Kingsley descibes it perfectly in [...]