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This is our special double sided tape designed for hearing devices – hearing aids, cochlear implants etc. The tape is designed in strips and a bag consists of 36 pcs. One strip lasts for two days (unless you change it at midday).

Depending of the size of your device, you can cut the tape to fit – example tape strip for Cochlear N7 we cut in 4 pieces.

The tape has two different formulas – one each side. The white side, this side is to be placed on your skin, has a silicone based formula witch is mild to the skin and does not cause redness. The other side with text, based to the device, is a bit harder with an acrylic formula to ensure a good grip.

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Special tape for hearing aids and cochlear implants.

The tape is used for the inside of CI (cochlear implants) or hearing aids, making it easier for the child to keep them in place during an active day.

At our house, the kids use special tape or headbands. This provides additional security for us, especially when they go on trips at school or kindergarden. This also give comport for the adults, knowing, that the technique is in place.

The tape is also good for active children (and adults) who play sports. It’s important to us that the children are able to participate on equal terms with others. Our kids have never complained about the tape hurting their skin, and they have never been red. Lord knows, that we have tried many tapes during the years and it can be a challenge to find a tape that adheres well without causing irritation to the skin or causing pain to remove. With our Ciha tape, we have found the solution and it is a lifesaver for us. Our children have been using it for 8 years – could not imagine our lives without it. They even play soccer and do not even wear headbands, only the Ciha special tape.


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Benefits of CIHA tape:

    • Adheres well to the skin
    • Medical grade
    • Doesn’t hurt the child upon removal (hold back any hair that may be stuck in the tape)
    • No tape residue on devices
    • The strips are easy to carry with you, keep in the child’s bag or purse

The tape is designed in strips and with 36 pcs. pr. bag. One strip lasts for two days (unless you change it at midday). Depending on the size of your hearing device, you can cut it as it fits. Keep the cut out pieces in a little purse with ekstra batteries, always ready to use.