Fantastic Families and How to Make Babies

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In Fantastic families we follow the children Eddie & Hannah (in original language named Pelle & Ronja) and with them we meet a lot of fantastically different families.

We meet brought-together families, foster families, rainbow families and traditional families with father, mother and children. In the meetings with different families, a lot of questions comes up and we learn through Eddie & Hannah about donor children, fertility treatments, pregnancy, adoption, divorce and much more.

And of course Eddie & Hannah also want to know how to actually make a baby, and then mom and dad get red cheeks and have to explain what sex is.

The book os only available in danish

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Sexual counselor Josephine Egestorp says about the book:

“As a sex counselor, I am very excited about this book, which also moves into talking about sex for fun, and the natural aspect that most children also find this topic very interesting.

The book is a really good conversation starter with the kindergarten/primary school child regarding how children come to be and the fact that families can look so many different ways.”

The owner of Buens bookcafe – Denmark’s only bookstore specializing in LGBT+ literature says about the book:

“Fantastic families convey diversity at the height of children. The focal point of the story is different family constellations. The book is both for those who are looking for reflection and the readers who are just curious.”

Author Ina Victoria Haller says about the book:

“I hope this book can help you to talk to your children about the fact that families can look in all imaginable ways, as well as give the child an insight into family constellations other than the one in which the child himself grew up. The more we can create understanding and tolerance for difference, the greater the chance that our children will grow up to be open-minded, understanding and inclusive people. The book is also made out of a desire to de-taboo talking to children about sex. Children always ask when is something they want to know – and thank God for that – and when they ask, they deserve an answer. So my hope is that the book can also help you explain to your children what sex is when they ask – because they will at some point.”


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Lecturer opinion:

A wonderful book for talking about all the different types of families children meet in their everyday lives. The book equates all the family types and also has a chapter on animal families. One chapter is called ‘Making a family’, because families are not something you are, but something you do. This book tells so well about all the many different family forms you can have. – Henriette Olesen

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