The tidying-up party

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A funny little story about how boring it is to clean up – and yet, somehow it isn’t!

The book is structured so that several words in the text have been replaced with small illustrations. In this way, the child can “read” along with the story themselves. This strengthens the child’s language development, interest and will to learn to read someday.

The book was created by Ciha in collaboration with Rebus Børneformidling, who together have developed a number of products that help provide attentive conversations with children.

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As with everything else in a toddler’s life, tidying up needs to be learned. Few people find tidying particularly fun, but it is important to teach their children the art of tidying up. A good way to talk to children about things is to read books on the subject. Therefore, we hope that this book can start a good conversation about tidying up.

The Tidying-Up Party is one of the first two books in a new book series about Eddie & Hannah. The book is designed so that multiple words in the text have been replaced with small illustrations,so kids can help “read” the story themselves. Each Eddie & Hannah book deals with recognizable situations from kids’ lives that makes conversations about the content easier.


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Complement the book with our 96 stickers for children’s rooms that make tidying and organising visual and easy to deal with. Click on the picture to see and read more about it. A perfect pair!

Stickers for organization

See also our 96 beautiful stickers for organization in the children’s room. Creates an overview and makes it easy for the child to participate in organization themselves – in this way it is also easier to start a new game when you know where your things are.

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