Hearing headband kids – Silver

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Headbands for Cochlear Implants and hearing aids. The headband is onesize and will fit children from the ages 1 – 5.

We have designed the headbands ourselves, based on the many experiences we have made with our own two daughters. We have made sure, that the design will keep the apparatus securely in place behind the ears to avoid any daily frustration. The headbands are both reliable, stilish and comfortable to wear.

Made from a breathable and elastic material (88% polyamide and 12% elastane). We have made access to the hearing devices’ microphone to ensure the very best auditive input. In addition, we have a variety of stylish accessories.

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We are happy to present our CIHA headbands for Cochlear Implants and hearing aids

Our headbands are made with great love and dedication to create the very best solution for children with hearing impairments. The headband will keep the hearing aid or processor in place behind the ears during play and any daily activity – even during sport practice. The headbands are made in one single piece of material with no irritating seems.

CIHA headbands are comfortable to wear and holds the child’s Cochlear Implant or hearing aid securely in place. The design includes a hole pattern in the ear area, ensuring unrestricted auditive input.

Eco-labled and comfortable to wear

Contrary to others, our headbands are made from one single piece of material and is comfortable to wear even under hats and bike helmets. Perfect for sports and any daily activity. Furthermore, the headbands do not feel warm or irritating to wear, because of the breathable material.

The hole pattern in the headbands is very practical for fitting the little hook-part on cochlear devices. This ensures, that the CI stays securely in place all day, allowing our girls to be just as active as other children. All children have the right to play freely and just be children!

Color:  Silver grey,
Accessories: Not included. You can sew on your own little applications or choose one of our Little Olga hair clips – easy to apply in the hole pattern and can be changed to fit any occasion.

Size: Onesize 1-5 years (easy to make fit a smaller head with a few stitches)

 Material: 88 % polyamide, 12 % elastane

Wash care: 40 degrees celsius laundry

Produced: In Italy

Gender: Unisex



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