Why shop at CIHA ?

At CIHA we are driven by the desire to share our experiences with a hearing-impaired child and it is our wish to help parents in the same situation.

Why shop at CIHA?

We wish to help parents who either have a hearing-impaired child or a normal-hearing child with linguistic challenges. It really is possible to help your child reach its full auditive and vocabulary potential through play. We ourselves are the parents of two hearing-impaired little girls.

Over the past few years we have spent hours and energy (and a great deal of money!) to find the kind of toys which are both fun, educating and exiting. It is important to us to find motivating toys that can help us guide and teach our daughters in the best possible way while supporting the goals of the Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT).

We are passionate about sharing what we have experienced up until now, and we wish to provide help to parents that are in the same situation as we were.

Linguistic training has become a natural part of our everyday life: every routine and play contains some sort of training, so our girls develop age appropriate language skills. Over time, we have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience of how to play and motivate as well as making it a happy time for everyone at the same time.

Small children and any kind of hearing aid will always be a tough challenge to face. We have tried countless things to keep the apparatus in place and nothing really seemed to be effective. Therefore, we have spent many hours developing the perfect head band, made of the most comfortable material as possible, as well as the best CI tape on the market. At CIHA we sell solutions that work!

Basically, we think, that parents have much better things to do than spending hours looking for the right solutions – at CIHA we have done the work for you!

Carefully selected toys

At CIHA we have selected toys, especially fit for use in training your child´s language in a positive and fun way. We guarantee the quality of each and every toy and have made sure that they live up to standards regarding choice of material, quality, health and basic ethics. We have carefully selected every toy to obtain the best result possible in your linguistic training. Our toys will ensure you and your child a happy time together while training language, vocabulary and development in general.

Our product line with toys, especially suitable for AVT contains detailed guidelines and suggestions as how to play in the most effective way to enhance your child’s language and hearing.

Contact us

Please don´t hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail if you have questions of any kind. If you have doubts as to how your child is developing linguistically, we advise you to contact either an audiologist or a speech therapist.

Share your experiences with us!

We at CIHA love to hear your feedback and experiences with our toys. Don´t hesitate to share your story and photos either on Facebook or Instagram. This will serve as a great inspiration when we choose new toys for the shop an any suggestion you may have, will only help us get better!

Why shop at CIHA?

At CIHA, we always welcome new ideas and suggestions to how we can improve our toy selection and accessories.