Ciha is behind several Danish best-selling children’s books with the popular characters Pelle & Ronja.

Children relates to the everyday experiences that fill the children’s own life. Each of the books can do something special.

‘The Great book of chit-chat’ is especially for the youngest from 18 months to approx 4 years, where the language is constantly developing. This book is good for dialogue and language stimulation – the child will read it again and again! With dialog boxes  as well as boxes with suggestions for play activities.

In the book ‘Exploring the Senses’ you learn about the 5 senses through a fun day at the zoo. At the same time, the book has symbols so that the child can read along. At the back of the book you find suggestions for sensory play and a link to cut and paste sheets for printing.



Everything we feel

- inside and outside

Everything we feel, supports children’s emotional development in a fun and enjoyable way.

Go on a tour around the body and talk about where the different emotions are, while collecting sensory bubbles and solving different tasks.

The game provides a fun and enjoyable playing experience while the whole family, children and adults, practice talking about and feeling their emotions – both the nice and the difficult ones. The long-term goal is to create a family culture where it is natural to talk about the feelings you experience in everyday life.

For 2-6 players aged 3 years and up


Pictograms for structure

and overview in everyday life

Fewer conflicts and more independent children.

My day in pictograms is drawn with more colours, shades and details than pictograms usually are, while the illustrations aim to be as simple as possible. This more vivid look has been chosen to make the pictograms more appealing and fun for children, therefore increasing the child’s motivation to use them.

My Day in Pictograms can be beneficial for all families, because no matter the child, all children thrive with clear guidelines and an idea of what they need to do, what is expected of them and when.


Like other products from Ciha, we focus on combining play and learning in toys that motivate and interest children

An ice cream shop with mathematics!

The idea behind our ice cream shop is that, in addition to play and fun, it also encourages dialogue and learning for both kindergarten and school children. This will thus extend the toy’s “lifetime” in relation to the child’s age.

Here, the child gets an early knowledge of numbers, quantities, number sequences and simple (and difficult) calculations with the associated arithmetic cards, menus and combinatorics cards.

All children are different and have different needs.

Some children thrive on unpredictability, while others need to know what is going to happen in order to feel safe.

This applies not only to children, but also to adults. However, the world of children is far more unpredictable than that of adults. Things are constantly happening that the child does not understand and should not understand, and it is almost never the child who decides for himself when to e.g. eat, bathe, go to the nursery or back home. This may cause a reaction with resistance – going from one situation to another. Especially if the child is engaged in a fun activity.

And this is where ‘My day in pictograms’ can help, i.a. by creating an overview and structure of everyday life, thus preparing the child for the change, which makes the transition easier.


Ciha develops:

  • Great dialogue-creating posters
  • Quality toys with learning potential
  • Children’s books
  • Board- and bingogames that develop the child’s skills in a motivating way
  • Aids for everyday life such as pictograms

Learning the ClockBingo with feelings