Welcome to the blog! ❤ This is where I write about everyday life with our two beautiful girls, who have both had Cochlear Implant surgery, as well as their little brother Hugo who is not hearing-impaired. You will also find deeper information about our products




Raising a child is something everyone has an opinion on. Everyone has a view about what good parents are, do, and should be. It figures that just as there are a number of myths about different types of child raising, there are also a number of myths about the use [...]

A new board game that stimulates conversation about all the feelings we experience in everyday life – for children from 3 years Why is it so important to talk to children about feelings? Why did we create this game? What can the game do that ordinary conversation can’t? What is All [...]

Mental gymnastics with conversation as the end goal Temperatures are slowly falling and the holidays are over. But cosy moments with the family don’t have to suffer due to iPads and TV. Brain researchers agree that games develop the brain to a far greater degree than passive screen time [...]

Everyone’s talking about it. All daycare centres do it. Everyone knows how good it is for the kids. Even my visiting nurse for 8 month old Hugo has talked about it. Have you guessed what it is yet? ✨ Dialogic reading!✨ It actually took some time before I fully understood what [...]